Hello, and welcome to my blog. You can call me Ellie, although that is not my real name*. I am a Filipina in a relationship with a Nepali. I  started this blog because when I visited blogs of women who are in relationships with Nepali men, I couldn’t quite relate to the “east meets west” narrative. This is me adding my voice to the story. Join me as I navigate everyday life in a cross-cultural relationship. I am hoping to meet others in a similar circumstance as mine, or even in a different one. I welcome different stories, ideas, and perspectives.

While my reflections on cross-cultural relationships will be the focus of this blog, my posts will not be limited to this subject only. This is an online journal about life, so I will be writing about other things as well. What makes my blog different from other personal blogs is that I am a Filipino, and I carry with me all the good and bad parts of that. I was born and raised in a small city in the Philippines. I lived the first half of my life in my hometown, and the second half of it in the capital city and abroad (for three years). All these shaped my worldview, and the way I see life, and my reflections on it, will be from this context. But I am always interested in other perspectives, and I hope you will share yours in the comments.

*I am blogging anonymously, and will also not be using real names for the people who will feature into my posts because I will be writing mainly about relationships. Relationships are oftentimes tricky, more so cross-cultural ones, so I would like to protect the identity of everyone involved. But please be assured that I am writing from my personal experiences and reflections. If you wish to connect with me outside of this medium, you may email me at southmeetssoutheast [at] gmail [dot] com.

I’m just curious. Care to share how you found me in my little corner in this                                       vast universe that is the internet? 




6 thoughts on “About

  1. I found you on Crazy Chinese Family’s website, thanks to a blogger award list. You’re nominated! Congrats! And since my blog is all about the pitfalls of being a western woman in love with a Chinese-American guy, well, how could I not come read your blog?! Also, I have to vote, apparently.

    But not until I read about your MIL, of course. 🙂

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  2. Hello i saw your blog when I’m browsing about nepali culture. I’m also married to a Nepali and we have one daughter and we are planning to move to Nepal this year. I’m hoping that I can get in touch with you. It really make me feel relieved to know that their are some Filipina in Nepal.


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