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Scott’s Birthday: Year 1

Scott: Let’s go to clean Bhagmati river.  Ellie: There’s still a clean section of Bhagmati river? Where is that? Scott: No, it’s all dirty. That’s why I’m suggesting that we go and clean it.  Ellie: …… That was our conversation when I asked Scott what he wanted to do for his birthday. It’s not your typical answer, but… Continue reading Scott’s Birthday: Year 1

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Valentine’s Day Celebration: Year 1

Being in our first year of marriage brings a lot of firsts. February 14, 2017 was our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. And being in a long distance relationship prior to getting married, it was also our first Valentine’s Day spent together. We’re not planners. And we’re not so attached to it as… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Celebration: Year 1

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HOW TO: Marriage Registration in Nepal for a Nepali and a Foreigner (Part 3)

Click here for Part 1 and Part 2 of this series of posts. When we filed our application, the person at the district administration office told us to come back after 15 days. So after two weeks, we did. But first, we went back to the district police office with the letter from the local… Continue reading HOW TO: Marriage Registration in Nepal for a Nepali and a Foreigner (Part 3)


First Anniversary and NepaliAustralian’s Blog Awards

Exactly one year ago from today, I registered this blog on WordPress. That was shortly after Scott and I started talking about the wedding, and I started reading up on cross-cultural relationships and Nepali weddings. That’s how I came across NepaliAustralian. M wrote a series of blog posts about her traditional Nepali wedding. Life took… Continue reading First Anniversary and NepaliAustralian’s Blog Awards