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Profile: Cristina Mittermier

Photo from http://www.cristinamittermeier.com So I talked about the website Creative Live in a previous post, and because of the recent Earth Day celebration, they replayed the course taught by Cristina Mittermeier on Nature and Conservation Photography. It was not a technical photography course for beginners. It was for photographers who already know their craft, but… Continue reading Profile: Cristina Mittermier


Creative Live

I checked this website a lot this week. Creative Live is an online platform for learning. There are so many of these now, but CL offers “free creative education with, and for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs”. So unlike other platforms like Coursera, there are no Statistics classes offered by Princeton University, for example. One of the founders is a photographer, so… Continue reading Creative Live

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Modern Love Podcasts

I love stories. I love stories of love in all its forms – romantic, familial, unconditional, unrequited, crazy, fleeting, joyful, tragic, all of them. I have been following the NY Time’s Modern Love section for a while now. And recently they started turning selected essays into podcasts. What’s better than reading love stories? Listening to them! If… Continue reading Modern Love Podcasts


Surprise! Blog Awards, Yo! :-)

So…I was going through the new posts on my reader, and clicked on the nomination announcement for NepaliAustralian‘s 2015 Blog Awards, and…I’m on it! What a shocker! I’m very surprised. I started blogging in January, and only managed to eke out 7 posts since. Keeping this blog definitely made me appreciate bloggers, most especially the ones… Continue reading Surprise! Blog Awards, Yo! 🙂