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Fitness. The journey continues…

Last year, I wrote here about my fitness journey. I just started doing regular exercise at the time. But about a month after that post, I was diagnosed with a condition that caused my metabolism to be faster than normal. I was at a steady weight for a decade, and all of a sudden I dropped 4 kg in weeks. I had to take medication multiple times per day. I often had heart palpitations and easily felt fatigued. I was advised to suspend exercise until I felt confident that I could manage it. I understood that the doctor couldn’t give me an exact time frame because they didn’t know when I’d recover, or if I would recover completely. And although it was wise of him to encourage me to listen to my body and empowered me to proceed based on how I felt, the advise didn’t help me in my fitness journey. I was constantly worried that I would pass out if I exercised, so I ended up not exercising at all. For a long time.

But that was due to a combination of factors. Transition is very good at derailing routines that you haven’t quite established yet. And the tail end of last year and the beginning of this year was a time of many transitions for me. I got married, moved to another country, lived in a house with many new people, had to adjust to a culture that was very different from mine, and then moved again to another country. Suffice it to say that I did not get any form of exercise done in the entire time that we lived in Nepal. I did, however, get my monthly doctor’s visits done. But that’s the subject of another post.

But now things have settled down quite a bit. More importantly, I feel well enough, and confident enough to start doing some regular exercise again. Although I have to say here that I leave the front door unlocked, and even slightly ajar, just in case I pass out.


Just like last year, I do the free workouts on YouTube by Daniel and Kelli of Fitness Blender. I wrote before that I like them because of their entire philosophy on health and fitness. But another reason that I like their workouts is because they don’t use background music, and they talk normally. My friend sent me a link to this other fitness page, and the woman there was just too upbeat for my sedate personality. I’m starting slow, and starting with what I have. I don’t want to buy weights unless I’ve made exercising a habit, so in the meantime I make do with water bottles and books or I do away with weights completely. And then at the end of the 30-minute video, I join them in saying “This workout is complete!”

What is your fitness journey like? Have there been moments that you stopped? How did you get back to it? What are your tips for staying on track?


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