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Yoga for Period Cramps

This picture looks like a cross between exercising and sleeping. These were the things I needed for my session of yoga for period cramps. I was wondering about whether I should write about this or not. But maaaaan, this thing works, and if I can just point one other person suffering from cramps to a possible solution, then why not.

So, period symptoms are different for each person, and I’ve always counted myself lucky that I do not get debilitating cramps every month. I do get back pain, but that one has a longer history. I’ve had it long before I started getting my period. So I have experience in managing it, and when all else fails and I just have to grin and bear it, at least it’s the kind of pain that I’m used to.

Abdominal cramps, on the other hand, is an unfamiliar beast. I’ve taken pain killers for it. And they’re effective but medicine is not my ideal pain management option for something that happens every now and then. I’ve also done nothing but lie in bed, and that doesn’t help.

Enter…yoga. Specifically, yoga on Youtube. More specifically, yoga on Youtube for menstrual cramps. There’s quite a lot on there but I chose the one with Adriene because I’ve followed her videos before. But mainly because the thumbnail for the video showed her resting on a pile pillows. Stretching exercises that ends with sleeping? That’s the right style of yoga for this lazy girl. Below is the screen grab for the last pose of the session, and I stayed on that one for quite a long time.

I’ve written about Adriene here before and I swear by her videos for back pain. And this is another one that I’m bookmarking. You’re welcome 😛


Do you get period cramps? How do you deal with them?


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