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Valentine’s Day Celebration: Year 1

Being in our first year of marriage brings a lot of firsts. February 14, 2017 was our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. And being in a long distance relationship prior to getting married, it was also our first Valentine’s Day spent together.

We’re not planners. And we’re not so attached to it as a holiday. But still, with all the greetings and posts on social media, it kind of made us think that maybe we should do something special? So we were floating some ideas over breakfast to see if anything would stick. We finally settled on one, but eventually decided to abandon it because of laziness. It just one of those days when you don’t feel like leaving the house.

So we just sat outside for some tea, biscuits, and warmth from the sun. And then spent the entire afternoon watching four hours of our favorite period drama series, Downton Abbey, took a break to cook dinner, and then played Word Factory afterwards. It was a laid back, expense-free celebration that was true to our lazy, cheap selves. Haha. I liked that we didn’t let ourselves be pressured into making a big deal out of it, getting so worked up by having to organize something special. The day was true to our love language, which is quality time. I liked that it was a good way to spend Valentine’s Day, but that it also felt like any other random day.


How did you spend Valentine’s Day? Or did you celebrate it at all? 


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