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Level Up

The day after our wedding, I was given a set of things that I had to wear everyday, including the glass bangles. I don’t wear a watch or bracelets so I was not used to having something on my wrists. I would bump my wrist on the door and I would break one, I would do something else and break another one, and then another one. I have actually cut my hand quite deep while trying to force them past my hands. I have small wrists, but I can’t squeeze my hands enough to get them through. So I switched to the plastic bangles, and I’ve been using them every day since. I call them my training bangles. They’re plastic, but the “cut” and deep red color saves them from completely feeling like they’re meant for my 4-year old niece. Besides, I have a Nepali friend, married for two years, who owns exactly the same ones. So that was reassuring. But as of yesterday, I have moved on to the fancier ones – with stones set in metal. So there’s still the issue about the stones falling off (inevitable), but at least they won’t break easily, and they don’t look like they’re for kids.

This is not a “thing”, really. There was no big reason for me changing bangles except that an auntie went shopping for them and there were some that happened to fit me. It wasn’t even a set, just a few extra pieces. But keeping my training bangles for storage made me think about just how much I’ve changed since I started wearing them. There’s still a long way to go, but I’ve made some progress in this journey. I used to be clueless about most things, and very insecure, and I used to be terrified about Scott leaving me (even for just a few hours), always second-guessing my actions, and worried about anything going wrong. Tea time would make me anxious because I didn’t know how to make tea, or how people liked their tea, or what if I couldn’t understand them, etc. Now, being alone with the grandparents doesn’t faze me…as much as it used to 😛 And I just felt like changing bangles represented that leveling up 🙂



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