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HOW TO: Marriage Registration in Nepal for a Nepali and a Foreigner (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1 of this series.

After about 10 days, Scott went back to the Local Police Office. When he arrived there, an officer was in the process of writing the letter about us, and he told him to come back at 8 am the next day so that they could go to back to the house together.

The next day, Scott went back as scheduled, but the officers told him to go back home and that they’ll just follow in a while. About an hour after, they arrived at the house. But while on their way, they asked around the village if they knew that Scott has been married before in some other part of Nepal but now he’s with someone else, etc. They happened to ask this of someone who lived right across from us, who obviously denied it. So they got him, and four other people (four males, one female) from the village to put their names and thumbprints on the letter the police office prepared beforehand. This letter said that Scott has not been married before, but that now he’s married to me.

This background check is straightforward because Scott was born in a tight-knit community where everyone knows everybody else and their whereabouts. The policemen could easily find their way just by asking around, and Scott’s family has a close relationship with the neighbors – well enough to know his marital status, and well enough for them to willingly vouch for us on a legal document. I don’t know how this whole thing would play out in a big city, or if you only recently moved to a new place where hardly anyone knows you. Scott says relatives can sign off as witnesses, but I don’t know how that meeting with the policemen would be set up.

The policemen left the letter with Scott, who had to go back to the village secretary to have it authenticated. He said a government official needed to sign this. So the first letter Scott got from the village secretary was a certification that he wasn’t married (one of the requirements for filing the application). And this second one says that he wasn’t married before but that he’s married now, to me.

Part 3 is next!


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