First Anniversary and NepaliAustralian’s Blog Awards

Exactly one year ago from today, I registered this blog on WordPress. That was shortly after Scott and I started talking about the wedding, and I started reading up on cross-cultural relationships and Nepali weddings. That’s how I came across NepaliAustralian. M wrote a series of blog posts about her traditional Nepali wedding. Life took a different turn for us, and we ended up having a completely different wedding from the ones I read about. Even so, I continued visiting her blog and a few others, and also posted sporadically about how my own life was turning out. And here we are, one year later. With a nomination in a blog award she’s hosting. Which is great, but makes me feel uneasy at the same time. I think of this blog as me talking to myself. And this nomination as a realization that someone apparently overheard 😛


So to my eavesdropping friends, thank you for the nomination. And the comments. Although I say this feels like talking to myself, I actually enjoy talking to other people. Thank you for the conversations. And please head on over to NepaliAustralian’s blog for the list of nominees for 2016 and vote for your favorites.


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