Pre-wedding thoughts

One week to go. There are many things that occupy my time these days, but I do want to write something down quickly, so that I can look back on what I was thinking before getting married.

  1. It’s crunch time!!! But I’m not unfamiliar with doing things at the last minute so it’s all good.
  2. I’m happy and excited about getting married, finally getting together after years of being in a long distance relationship.
  3. But I’m also sad about leaving home. I will miss my parents, and brother and sister, and my very adorable niece and nephew! I’ll probably miss them the most.
  4. I ate a “farewell to my city” meal. I ate beef (yes, beef). We almost never eat beef at home, I also rarely eat it outside except for the occasional burger. But there’s just something about the idea of probably not eating it ever again that made me want to eat it “for the last time.”
  5. I really want to chop my hair off. But apparently “short-haired bride” is not a Nepali thing?
  6. The hair cut idea spurred a long discussion on doing something, or not doing something just because, without any proper explanation. What’s allowed, what’s not allowed, why, why not?
  7. Tradition, consent, compromise, stand, stubbornness – a never-ending conversation.
  8. Game on!!!

5 thoughts on “Pre-wedding thoughts

  1. All the best and no matter what, enjoy the big day. Also regarding the hair, I will say, do what makes you happy as you need to spend rest of the life looking at these photos.
    I am excited for you, all the best and do share some pictures from the big day.

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  2. So exciting!! I would focus on #2… That is the absolute best you will see!! Long distance sucks! I remember those first days finally being able to be with him all day and night long! Being able to hug him whenever you want and not through a screen! WOW! hahaha All the best in your new life! Enjoy everything!! =)


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