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Wedding Planning Part 3

One month to go before the big day!!! Random thoughts ahead!!! >>>

The past eight months have been such a whirlwind of highs and lows. There were some tears, family drama, and by far our most heated argument since we got together. We are fairly chill people. We don’t argue often, and when we do it’s really not intense. But I don’t know, there’s just something about wedding planning that brings out the more high-strung version of our selves! 😛

On the flip side, it has allowed us to be on the receiving end of the generosity of people. My married friends have been very patient about my endless questions on how they did this, and how much should we typically spend for something like that, and do we need this, and what else have we forgotten, etc. Friends and family members have offered help in ways that have surprised and overwhelmed us.

We’ve also learned how to shrug things off and move on. If there are passing comments about the decisions that we’ve made, we just…let them pass. Haha. APW has helped me tremendously, not just in the logistics of wedding planning, but more so on the emotional side of it. When people ask for updates, they expect to hear about color schemes and fabric choices. No one talks about how their aunt is upset because the cousin wasn’t picked as bridesmaid, or something like that. But the APW community has talked endlessly about EVERYTHING related to wedding planning, so I knew what to expect, and when something comes up, I now know that it’s normal (even though no one openly talks about it), and that I’m not alone, and that other people have dealt with it, and lived to tell the tale.

So… at one month in, all of the big things are done, but there are still so many (SO MANY!!!) little ones that aren’t done. And in true Scott-and-Ellie fashion, we are just rushing our way into them. We’re the type of people who would get things done in two weeks if we were given two weeks, but would get them done in a week if we were given a week 🙂

Now I understand when people say their wedding planner was worth her weight in gold. The things that need to be done, we can do them without a planner. But what a wedding planner gives you is the peace of mind in knowing that everything has been accounted for, you did not forget anything, and even if you did, someone will take care of it. I definitely don’t have that peace of mind…yet. I keep adding things to my to-do list, and even when I tick them off, I still have this nagging feeling that I missed something. Oh well, we’re here now. It is what it is. Some people talk about reaching a “wedding zen”, which is that point in time when you just don’t care about the tiny little details, and whatever happens, if you’re married at the end of the day, then success! I definitely can’t wait to get to that point – being zen AND married.



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