Wedding Planning Part 2

I have not posted in a while because on top of work, I am already knee-deep in wedding planning. Which means, we already have a date! I previously wrote about what goes into picking a wedding date here, and how I felt while waiting for that to be sorted out here. And this is it, guys, it’s rock and roll time!

Well I have to pause here for a bit and say that I was not completely zen throughout this whole waiting process. The lack of a date was a cause of anxiety, for sure. And on top of that, I naively assumed that finally having a date will end all of our concerns. I assumed wrong. It merely allowed us to move on to other concerns. Which is…progress, I guess? After all, it’s better to tackle one issue after another, instead of just this one immovable thing that causes a bottleneck for all other issues.

And things have flipped, and morphed, and changed, and transformed, and went back to their original forms. We went back and forth on several things so many times. It was ridiculous. And stressful. And crazy. And we’re still doing it. Wedding planning is a beast, at least for me it is. It’s powerful because it can induce stress and it can strain relationships. And acknowledging that, and being constantly aware of it, keeps its potential to affect me in check. It allows me, at any point in time, to just step back and say “I will not allow this to make me anxious, to make me resentful of my partner, to color my perception of other people, and to cloud my judgement.” Yes, it’s A WEDDING! But it’s also JUST a wedding.

Are you married? How did you feel about wedding planning? Did you like it?
Any tips for me? 


4 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Part 2

  1. All the best girl. All your feelings are normal and things will definitely fall into the right places on the big day. You plan as much as you can in advance and on the big day, don’t stress if something didn’t go as plan. Just enjoy the day as it is not coming again. Take care…

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  2. Wedding planning is definitely a beast! I worked as a wedding photographer for 5 years and let me tell you the only way to enjoy the process is not to give too much importance to things. If you can let go of the control-freak-bride inside all of us then it will be a smooth process! =)
    Also try to enjoy every second of this stage in your relationship it’s the shortest and, as you said, once the crazy planning finishes then the reality will start and you’ll move on to bigger, more permanent concerns 😉 hahaha Wish you luck!

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    1. Our latest discussion point were the invitations – but interestingly, I was the one who didn’t care about what they looked like. Wedding planning has this tendency to make a big deal out of the smallest things! Thanks for the sound advice! I’ll definitely keep them in mind!

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