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Wedding Planning

Or should I say NOT wedding planning?

Ever since we told people that we were getting married this year, the default initial catch up question I get asked when I talk to friends is “how is the wedding planning?” And I almost always struggle with how to answer that question.

Scott and I are relatively private people. We maintain accounts in one or two social media platforms, but we hardly post anything on them. We certainly did not make a big announcement about being engaged, or even about being together. As far as my contacts are concerned, I am single. The ones who know that I am in a relationship and that we are getting married are those who I ACTUALLY talk to, whether on the phone or through emails or messaging apps.

So the people who ask about the wedding are not casual acquaintances that are trying to make small talk. They are very dear friends who know me well. I do not mind that they ask me the question. And I would gladly answer, if only I had anything to say. Except that I don’t. We’re still nowhere close to a decision on the when-where-how as we were five months ago. Obviously, everything that hinges on these 3 things have not been locked down either. Top of the list, is we still haven’t booked flights. That was a source of anxiety that I previously wrote about here, and it’s still a source of anxiety now.

I get asked about what it feels like, or if I’m excited. And I say yes, I’m excited about getting married because that’s the important part. As for the wedding, I don’t know. Something starts becoming real when you start doing activities that are related to it. I think the feeling sinks in when you start booking vendors, or picking out clothes, or deciding on food, etc. And because we haven’t really done anything of the sort, it just feels normal.

I recently read an online discussion on how people feel about the engagement period. Some enjoyed it, while others saw it as a source of anxiety and frustration. It is, to some extent a source of anxiety for me, not because I’m overwhelmed with everything that’s happening, but because nothing is happening…yet. So hopefully things will pick up in the next week or so. But for now, I wanted to document this calm before storm.

How was your experience with wedding planning? Did you love it? Hate it? What was your favorite? What part of it do you just want to forget about? Share! 🙂


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