Creative Live

I checked this website a lot this week.

Creative Live is an online platform for learning. There are so many of these now, but CL offers “free creative education with, and for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs”. So unlike other platforms like Coursera, there are no Statistics classes offered by Princeton University, for example. One of the founders is a photographer, so a lot of the classes are on photography – how to pose, set up lighting, edit photos on photoshop, etc. Now they have classes in five categories: Photo and Video, Art and Design, Music and Audio, Craft and Maker, and Money and Life.

The classes are free when you tune in while they are filming it or when they put it on loop, but are available for purchase if you want to access the videos on demand. There are also courses that you can buy and share to another person. My sister has free credits on CL that she won from participating in a previous [free livestreaming] class, so I asked her to buy an introductory Photoshop class that she was able to share with me. She also bought courses on photography and hand lettering.

Earlier this week I watched a personal finance course. It was marketed for creative entrepreneurs but the points on setting up a budget, tracking expenses, planning investments, etc. are applicable to everyone. I was working on something then but learning about money management is important to me so I stopped what I was doing so I could watch it. Today I caught something on living a healthy lifestyle and how to set goals in such a way that you’re likely to follow through with them.

So the first course was something  I was very much interested in, but it was more than $100. For 3-days worth of content, it was reasonably-priced but it’s not an amount I would fork over at the moment. So I only watched what I could, and then it was time to sleep [due to the time difference]. The second one was about a third of the price but it only took about an hour or so from start to finish so no purchase was necessary. So watching the courses on CL depends a lot on timing, and you can’t press pause or fast forward, but for free, useful, quality content, I really can’t complain.

Have you tried online courses? If so, how do you like this modern style of learning? And what are your favorite websites for these courses?


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