Surprise! Blog Awards, Yo! :-)

So…I was going through the new posts on my reader, and clicked on the nomination announcement for NepaliAustralian‘s 2015 Blog Awards, and…I’m on it! What a shocker! I’m very surprised.

I started blogging in January, and only managed to eke out 7 posts since. Keeping this blog definitely made me appreciate bloggers, most especially the ones who are not doing it full time, who consistently publish quality content 3x a week. I will try to post more often.

For now, I’m just happy with this nomination, which to me feels like an invitation into the big online community. I’ve mostly kept to myself all this time. As a blog reader, I am a lurker. There are websites and personal blogs that I’ve been following for years  but I only recently started joining the conversations. As a writer, well…for me this is like thinking aloud. I feel like I’m talking to myself in my tiny little corner in this vast online space, except that now, with this nomination, someone (or a few people) overheard. And it’s a surprise. A happy surprise 🙂

So to whoever nominated me, Salamat! (Thank you!)

And please click here to see all the nominations and for the voting instructions. There are very good blogs on that list!


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