There’s no magic.

There’s no magic. There’s only hard work and sacrifice. You really gotta rub up against the feeling that you might not have it in you, and that you’re much more likely to fail than succeed. Then despite that reality, tie into the rope and try. –Samuel Elias

Samuel Elias is an adventurer, a rock climber. His words on perseverance in the midst of hardship is in the context of facing a rock face you doubt you can climb all the way to the top. Even so, his words resonated with me. This can be a general quote about life in general, and much can be said about overcoming difficulty. But what struck me is the emphasis on rubbing up against the not so nice feeling of self doubt. It made me realize that in going through difficult moments in our lives, we also have to live through the difficult emotions. There’s no way around it. When you face disapproval in your relationship, especially from family members, it’s lousy. You hope it gets better eventually, and in many cases it does. But it’s bad before it gets better. You have to live through the lousy. There’s no magic.




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